User-Friendly Web Design

Creating a strong visual appeal is essential, and using easy to edit website template services, like Wix, or Shopify, can help us save time, save you money. After the web design is complete, you get an easy to work with web interface to update on your own. Through my experiences working with businesses left with a Wordpress VS a Wix wesbite, the Wix businesses were able to have more control due to the ease of use. We use a minimalist and modern design approach that tailors the style of your site entirely to your taste. Our Web Designs suit Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop with easy to read fonts while maintaining an attractive design. We also have coding available for those extra custom parts your site requires.


Clever Designs

Our Photoshop services are fully customizable to suit our clients’ needs, allowing us to create the most effective, sales increasing message with a pleasing design. From logos, website graphics, Facebook ads, Instagram ready photos, icons and branding for emails to print signage, we complete the full graphic circle so you don't have to outsource each task. (Less waiting!)


Look the Part

We have the equipment and skill to capture your brand, store, products, and staff in the best light. Imagine how your website would appear to your customers with your products crisply focused on a white or black background, throw in precise composition, and that's just a small part of how we create a certain feel for your brand that gets noticed and closes sales.


Rank High on Google Search Engine

When it comes being #1 on Google, it takes a combination of tricks and honest hard work. Using the correct words which properly describe your business that YOUR CUSTOMERS are using is number one priority.


Be Online Empowered

Save money in the long run by learning a few pointers from us. We can teach you how to edit your current site, run a successful email campaign, and how to grow an Instagram account. But if these tasks are overwhelming, we're always here to help!


Get Business

Having a beautiful website is half the work but getting traffic to your site and driving sales is another feat. We provide services such as targeted Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Adwords, Mailchimp Email Marketing, and other Ad services such as Adroll, etc.

Do you want to boost your business in a way that will create a lasting impact? Get in touch today!


From Personal Small Websites to Big Business eCommerce in Terrace, BC and Beyond


If you're in need of a simple website for a local business, a YouTube channel, a portfolio site, a personal blog, or a simple online storefront to sell your products, Northern BC Web Services can get your website operating and optimized in less than 2 weeks. Small start-up businesses are our specialty! 

With services such as professional product, facility, commercial photography, YouTube videos and more, we will add your personal flair to every aspect of your online presence. We can find the most cost-effective, organic means of creating your business online right here in Terrace, Prince Rupert, or Kitimat BC.

Social media isn't as easy as it might seem. It takes creativity, great photos/videos, a sense of humour and tact in selling your product and telling your brand story while entertaining and engaging your audience. We not only offer social media services, but we can show you how to continue effective posts well into the future. Together, we can create goals with a simple social media plan so you're able to continue your social media presence using an automated system.

Email to book an appointment with us to see your website's potential!

Full Starter Package - $700 to $900*
"I need a website yesterday"

  1. Niche Keyword Research

  2. Competition Analysis

  3. Domain Selection and Purchase

  4. Facility/Product Photography 

  5. Social Media Accounts Set-Up

  6. Logo Design

  7. Business Card Design

  8. Website Design with SEO implementation

  9. Mobile Website and Usability Streamlining

  10. Copy Writing

  11. Local Directory Listings

  12. Google Analytics Tracking and Reports

  13. Training - Weebly website use and Social Media Upkeep

Already Started Package - $600 to $700*
"I have a website but I hate it"

  1. Audit of Niche Keywords

  2. Competition Analysis

  3. Social Media Account Audit & Congruency 

  4. Website Audit and Re-design to Wix (we won't fix your Wordpress site, sorry!)

  5. Search Engine Optimize Existing Website Copy

  6. Fine Tuning Product Sales Copy

  7. Other Marketing as Necessary

  8. Training - Website Use and Social Media Upkeep

A few more details:

  • All services above can be customized to the needs of your business

  • A flat hourly rate applies to all above services including training  

  • There are no surprise costs! An hourly estimate will be provided upfront and additional requests will be discussed thoroughly to avoid any miscommunications 

  • We can also create fully functioning online stores.

  • Google Adwords management, Google Shopping, and feed creation, Adroll, MailChimp email marketing, etc are also offered

*These prices are the average cost of past projects and are not final. We bill bi-weekly at an hourly rate. Large online stores and more in-depth websites will be additional and at times on-going. *Payment installments are available. 


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